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Asocijacija za kvalitet i standardizaciju Srbije svakodnevno sprovodi  aktivnosti na afirmaciji sistema kvaliteta u svim segmentima društva  kroz razmenu znanja, ideja i iskustava, radi postizanja konkurentnosti  privrede

Budite u Kontaktu

E-mail: office [at]
Telefon: +381 37 410 710
Adresa: Čupićeva 4/3, 37000 Kruševac, Srbija

Naša Lokacija

+381 37 410 710 office [at]

One of the basic goals of the Association, in line with the policy of socio-economic development of Serbia, is to gather individual members (experts), collective members (organizations) in this area and to establish the centers of the Association in all major cities for the application of knowledge and continuous improvement of practice.

Members of the Association for Quality and Standardization can be individual members (individuals) and collective members (organizations).


IAn individual member of AKS can be any person who accepts the goals of the AKS and the Statute and submits an application for membership to the Management Board. A minor who has reached the age of 14 may join the association by attaching a certified statement by his legal representative to give consent. For a person younger than 14 years, the application is filed by his legal representative.


Collective members of AKS can be: Branches of the Association for Quality and Standardization of Serbia, other associations and associations, enterprises, institutions.


Association for Quality and Standardization of Serbia keeps a register of all members and issue membership cards, to help achieve certain benefits. The Management Board determines appearance of a membership card, keeping the register of members and register of payment of membership fees.


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