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Asocijacija za kvalitet i standardizaciju Srbije svakodnevno sprovodi  aktivnosti na afirmaciji sistema kvaliteta u svim segmentima društva  kroz razmenu znanja, ideja i iskustava, radi postizanja konkurentnosti  privrede

Budite u Kontaktu

E-mail: office [at]
Telefon: +381 37 410 710
Adresa: Čupićeva 4/3, 37000 Kruševac, Srbija

Naša Lokacija

+381 37 410 710 office [at]

Assembly of the Association consists of representatives of the Branch Association, the members of the Management Board and Supervisory Board.

The Assembly meets regularly once a year. Extraordinary session can be scheduled on a reasoned proposal of the Management Board, as well as the initiative of at least one third of Assembly members. The initiative is submitted to the Management Board in writing and it must specify the issues which should be considered.

Assembly session convened by the President of Assembly, by written notice of the time and place and the draft agenda. The session is chaired by a person who is, by public vote, elected at the beginning of the session.


  • defines the plan and work program
  • establishes the Statute, as well as amendments to the Statute
  • establishes other acts of the Association
  • elects and dismisses the members of the Management Board
  • elects and dismisses the Chairman of Management Board, who is also the representative of the Association
  • consider and approve a report of the Management Board, at least annually
  • examines and approves the financial plan and report
  • decides about status changes and termination of the association;
  • decides on association in alliances and other associations in the country and abroad

Full Assembly decides if at least one half of the members.

The Assembly decides by majority vote of the members present.

For the decision on amendments to the Statute, status changes and termination of the Association requires a two-thirds majority vote of the members present.

The mandate of the members of the Assembly shall be four years and may be re-elected, provided that the modification of individual members can be done before the end of the term.


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